The Struggle Within: Part 1 (The Wind’s Divine Melody)

Hi! I’m Arjuna D. Ghose, and I want to offer you my book, The Struggle Within: Part 1 (The Wind’s Divine Melody), for free when you sign up for my free newsletter on Becoming Closer to God and Achieving Greater Success in Life.
Becoming closer to God is a lot about becoming more happy and fulfilled. It is also known as Self-mastery. It is about overcoming the garbage within you and around you so that you become one with and manifest your True Self. And it is an eternal journey of discovery.

In the Hindu religon, the lotus is used to represent divine beauty and purity, while the unfolding of its leaves represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.
The outer success has a lot to do with following your passions, having the right mindset, continuously working hard (and smart), and never giving up. But there are many useful tips you can put to work to help you succeed. I cover those sort of things in my newsletter. First and foremost though, I highly recommend you believe in yourself.

The Struggle Within: Part 1 (The Wind’s Divine Melody)

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“Deep writing, very profound… Not a manuscript to read lightly, this could have seriously profound effects on the readers life. What a privilege to have studied as this man has.”
— Louise-Jayne Haddaway

Guru Sri Chinmoy

“What I understand from reading Guru’s writings, or from experience, is that self-improvement occurs when personal effort meets Grace from Above, and looking back I realized, yes, I made personal effort. But, dammit—there was a lot of Grace going on.”
— Arjuna D. Ghose, The Struggle Within

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It is said that the Wind gives birth to new life so that one can be born again and enter the kingdom of God. The reality of my life has not always been peaceful, instead I have filled it with needless conflict born of spite. I have resisted the guidance of Sri Chinmoy out of a sense of humiliation. But the Wind gives birth to a new life, a divine melody of caring for a child and continuing that care regardless of the unfortunate things that happen.

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