About This Website

What is The Struggle Within?

The Struggle Within is a series of books about my spiritual journey as Sri Chinmoy’s disciple and how yogic methods and disciplines other than just meditation helped bring me closer to God. It is a story about spiritual dryness, karma, inner miracles, and going beyond one’s likes and dislikes. It is also about what happened to my daughter during my struggle within, who never even would have been born if it wasn’t for that struggle. The Struggle Within is a 9 volume series; Volume 1 was launched as an e-book on 1 February 2018. The printed version is not available yet.

What is The Wind’s Divine Melody?

The Wind’s Divine Melody is Part 1 of The Struggle Within. The Struggle Within will consist of two parts. Part 2 has not been written yet. Each part will consist of several volumes. The Wind’s Divine Melody is the story of how I was reborn to help a child and is centered around my struggle within.

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Meditation for Beginners

This website is also for people who want to learn to meditate, people who want to be able to fit meditation into their lives, and people who are looking for more fulfillment and inspiration. Articles on meditation for beginners can be found here.

Lifestyle, Discipline, Obedience

It is not just sitting down and entering into a state of meditation for 10 or 15 minutes a day that will help you to reach greater fulfillment, happiness, and success; it is how you live your life, the things you do throughout the day, the decisions you make and the reasons why, not to mention inner guidance from your Master. This website teaches additional fundamentals on how to live a more fulfilled life beyond just meditation.

Help Finding Your Spiritual Path

This website is also a guide to help you find your spiritual path, whether it be Sri Chinmoy’s path or some other path. When you follow a particular spiritual path, it means you are in a boat. One needs to be in a boat to cross the sea of ignorance and reach the Golden Shore. Once you find the path you feel is best for you, it is best that you follow one path and stick to it, especially for beginners. This does not mean you have to give up your religion. Sri Chinmoy’s path is not a religion; it is a guidance to help you with your faith.