The Wind’s Divine Melody

by Arjuna D. Ghose (2001)

The Wind's Divine Melody: Parental Alienation, Emotional Neglect


What freedom have I chosen?
I am a feather in the wind more than I am a bird.
Like half-notes and arpeggios,
I play a song in the wind.
As wishes and more wishes are blown away,
Only one wish remains:
“Oh, Eternal Wind,
Play a divine melody,
One that blows this weightless feather
Across the face of a child.”
With her helpless tears wet and pure,
My hope is that they’ll keep me there,
Ending the wind’s choreographic reign,
And with the child I shall remain.


This poem was written three years before I knew my daughter would even exist.

The Struggle Within: The Wind’s Divine Melody (the multi-volume memoir) is a true story about overcoming anxiety, addiction, abuse, and spiteful actions. Jacob’s (later known as Arjuna) journey is both physical and spiritual and the stakes are higher than just “inner peace”. He is fighting to help his daughter. The first volume is currently available as an e-book.