The Struggle Within Book by Arjuna D. Ghose

The Struggle Within book

The Struggle Within:
The Wind’s Divine Melody

Vol. 1 is currently available as an ebook for $4.90 US!

Deep writing, very profound… Not a manuscript to read lightly, this could have seriously profound effects on the reader’s life. What a privilege to have studied as this man has.
   — Louise-Jayne Haddaway
A story of karma, insufficient faith, and spiritual progress. The Will of the Divine is often hard to comprehend, particularly for one man, caught up in a cycle of abuse, drugs, and bad choices. From the beginning of her life, he is devoted to his daughter’s well-being but eventually gets caught up in an addiction that is a great insult to the moral standards he developed during his spiritual life. An intervention marks the beginning of a new journey of struggling to help his daughter from emotional neglect against her and parental alienation against him. A journey during which his true spiritual nature supersedes as the main guiding force in his life and he realizes that everything he has been going through has been karma for past vengeful behaviour toward his teacher, particularly for deliberately trying to make him look bad. It is a journey of spiritual awakening while fighting against speciousness. A journey of becoming one with his inner sun.

Spiritual Lotus Flower

In the Hindu religion, the lotus is used to represent divine beauty and purity, while the unfolding of its leaves represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.
Sri Chinmoy, Guru

Guru Sri Chinmoy

“What I understand from reading Guru’s writings, or from experience, is that self-improvement occurs when personal effort meets Grace from Above, and looking back I realized, yes, I made personal effort. But, dammit — there was a lot of Grace going on.”
— Arjuna D. Ghose, The Struggle Within


In 1996, Jacob Chitto Miller (later known as Arjuna D. Ghose) began to lose his ability to meditate, and then he lost it completely starting in 1997. Why did this happen? What spiritual values and truths can we learn from his journey of his struggle within? One thing we learn from Sri Chinmoy, Jacob’s spiritual Master and Inner Guide, is the value and divinity in one of his aphorisms which states:

“The blows of my Master
I take as most beautiful flowers
Given to me by my Master.”
(Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, #19203)

and yet, throughout the years, Jacob often did not abide by the guidance in this aphorism (and within his conscience) and has had to deal with some difficulties as a result. Isn’t it true that if you retaliate in a destructive manner toward someone you feel has humiliated you, violated you, or disturbed you in some way you are acting like a terrorist? Despite the difficulties and consequences Jacob has had to face for past behaviour, including acting like a terrorist, Jacob still hopes to realize God in this incarnation. But he has to get his meditation back first.


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