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         Deep writing, very profound… Not a manuscript to read lightly, this could have seriously profound effects on the reader’s life. What a privilege to have studied as this man has.
   ~ Louise-Jayne Haddaway

Arjuna D. Ghose

Spiritual Memoir

The Struggle Within: The Wind’s Divine Melody

a true psychiatrist misdiagnosis and spiritual journey story


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~ a spiritual autobiography book ~
~ a psychiatrist misdiagnosis story ~
~ a parental alienation journey ~
Spiritual Memoir Mandala
         Deep writing, very profound… Not a manuscript to read lightly, this could have seriously profound effects on the reader’s life. What a privilege to have studied as this man has.
   ~ Louise-Jayne Haddaway


J      acob Miller’s anxiety disorder was so severe he couldn’t form meaningful friendships or find a romantic partner. His life was filled with anger, conflict, and shame. He wasn’t living as his spiritual Master, the venerable Sri Chinmoy, wanted but rather as his parents raised him — to be unfair in the face of humiliation. He no longer walked in the shadow of a great man but followed in the footsteps of petty people. Jacob’s mental health problems had brought him to the breaking point. Yet, his struggle within inspired him to write, and he found his voice at last. He questioned the opinions of the experts impeding his ability to help his daughter. Did he really have schizophrenia, or was he being guided inwardly by his Master? And if his mental health problems stemmed from childhood trauma and not schizophrenia, could he really talk to God? But he already knew the truth. Jacob’s story of karma, faith, and spiritual progress is an inspiration to anyone struggling with issues they think are beyond their control

“It’s normal for spiritual people to experience spiritual things — things most doctors wouldn’t understand.”
~ Arjuna D. Ghose

How to Bring
Your Inner Sun to the Fore

     When the problems of the outer being stand as an obstruction, cry inwardly. That cry is not for name or fame. That cry is for inner illumination. When the outer being is an obstacle, it means that the sun, the inner sun, is eclipsed by fear, doubt, anxiety, worry or some other negative force. Right now the sun is overcast, but it is bound to become visible again. The inner sun is covered by what? By ignorance, doubt, anxiety and worry. But consciously if you pray or meditate to bring the inner sun, your own illumined sun, to the fore, it will get strength and it will come forward. Now you have to know whether you want it or not. If you want the inner sun to come to the fore, then it will come forward. When the sun comes, at that time doubt disappears, fear disappears, everything undivine disappears.

     So either you have to bring forward the inner sun or you have to be satisfied with fear and doubt. How can you bring to the fore the inner sun? When you pray to the Supreme and meditate on the Supreme, always pray that the illumined part inside you, the illumined being or the inner sun, will come to the fore. Then you will see that there can be no obstacle. You are unable to walk along the street if the street is very dark or full of obstacles. But if the road is all illumined, then you can walk, you can run, you can go as fast as you want to. In the inner life also, if you think positively, if you think of Peace, Light and Bliss, then naturally your inner sun will come to your rescue. But if you don’t pray and meditate, then all obscure, undivine, impure forces will always come and bother you.

~ Sri Chinmoy [source]

Spiritual Lotus FlowerIn the Hindu religion, the lotus is used to represent divine beauty and purity, while the unfolding of its leaves represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.
The Struggle Within: The Wind’s Divine Melody is a true story about spiritual experiences and overcoming anxiety, addiction, abuse, and spiteful actions. Jacob’s (later known as Arjuna) journey is one of personal and spiritual growth, but the stakes are higher than just “inner peace”. He is fighting to help his daughter. The preview for Vol. 2 will soon be available as an e-book.

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