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Did I Experience Punishment from Sri Chinmoy?

~~~~ Sri Chinmoy has an aphorism which states: “The blows of my Master I take as most beautiful flowers Given to me by my Master.” (Source: Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, #19203) Where are the disciples out there who have experienced some

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PREVIEW: The Struggle Within: The Wind’s Divine Melody (Vol. 2) (Condensed Version)

~~~~ Note from the Author This is not the full-length version of Volume 2. This is a PREVIEW of the CONDENSED VERSION only. The condensed version is much shorter than the full-length version, and the preview is just the first

Behaviour Problems in a Child: A Sign of Abuse?

~~~~ This is the 12th article in my Karma from Smearing Sri Chinmoy blog articles. It shows how my karma for smearing Sri Chinmoy to some of his disciples included my daughter’s mother defaming me to my daughter, resulting in

Divine Touches Captured on Video

Divine Touches

~~~~ What I would like to point out in this, the 11th article in my Karma from Smearing Sri Chinmoy series, is how Dr. Potlick, the forensic psychiatrist who met with me one time whose accusations I am disputing to

The Difference Between Perception and Intuition

~~~~ My lawyer recently advised me not to share anything on this blog that he and I have discussed, so I will not be sharing many details. My next court date for disputing Dr. Potlick’s NCR (Not Criminally Responsible) report

My ‘Impaired’ Judgment

~~~~ I have recently been advised not to share anything on my blog that an adviser and I have discussed. So, I still need to decide what I am going to say with respect to any legal information and particulars

What Do I Mean When I Say I Smeared Sri Chinmoy?

~~~~ As you may know, I stopped posting these blog articles every Sunday because posting that frequently proved too time-consuming for me. What I plan to do is create shorter articles. Hopefully, you will be more interested in reading bite-sized

In Times of Trouble, What Should We Do?

“And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me Shine until tomorrow, let it be.” ~ John Lennon / Paul McCartney [From the lyrics to “Let It Be”] ~~~~ In times of wind and

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Aum~Mission: a Mission of Helping Others In Need

~~~~ ~ Aum~Mission is a soon-to-be established not-for-profit corporation with the mission of helping others in need. ~ According to the first part of an inner message I received on April 24th, I was put on a mission back in

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The Golden Age Began In 2012: The Proof of Destiny Is In the Numbers

Golden Age Began in 2012

~~~~ Are we now in an age of spiritual ascension? Have we miraculously progressed to a new age of spiritual awakening? It seems more and more people on this earth have begun valuing the importance of vibrating at a higher

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Sri Chinmoy’s Smear Against Me: The Sri Chinmoy Burn

~~~~ This is the 4th blog article of my Karma from Smearing Sri Chinmoy blog articles. In addition to karma, these blog articles also discuss a spiritual communication with the Master. In this post, I describe the Sri Chinmoy Burn,

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Parental Alienation: How It Happened & Affected My Daughter

~~~~ As you may know, this blog is mainly about the karma I’ve been going through for smearing my spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy, to about 10 to 15 of His disciples beginning around 1999 for disciplining me, which I felt,

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A Miracle Healing of My GERD: Faith is a True Medicine

“Can you heal the sick?” “Yes, I heal different kinds of sickness,” [Mother Meera] says. [From: The Road Within: True Stories of Transformation and the Soul, a conversation with Mark Seal (Meera Gazing)] ~~~~ This is the second article out

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