I Finally Have the Letter I Need!

I Finally Have the Letter I Need!

If you have been following this spiritual memoir blog, you would know that since 2012 I have needed a letter from a psychiatrist in order to help my daughter — who was a victim of emotional neglect — through the Family Court here in Nova Scotia.

This has been very difficult partially due to the fact that the letter must be no older than three or four months whilst it often takes more than three or four months for my application to Nova Scotia Legal Aid to be approved and I am finally able to meet with a lawyer.

It has also been difficult because, according to at least one lawyer, as long as I have a diagnoses of schizophrenia — or there aren’t any other major changes — there is not enough of a material change in circumstances to warrant trying to change the Court Order.

But all of that is now, miraculously, no longer a concern. I now have a recent letter (less than a month old), I currently still have a private lawyer paid for by Nova Scotia Legal Aid, and the psychiatrist — whom I’ll call Dr. Joom — who wrote the latest letter doesn’t think I have schizophrenia.

There are so many things I can’t tell you because there is still a pending court case. But I have been in touch with my family matter lawyer and we are preparing to apply to the Family Court.

This is great news considering how difficult this has been for so long now.

From the very beginning of my daughter’s life, the mother — Erin — has done things that have harmed my relationship with my daughter and made it very difficult for me to help raise her well. That is why I renamed her Ruin — because she ruins my relationship with my daughter.

A big part of why I need to apply to the Family Court and change the Order is to restore my daughter’s tarnished impression of me — partially caused by Erin enforcing my visits with my daughter to be supervised — and make our relationship more solid, which helps her mental health and stability in life.

I think it is counterproductive for her faith in me — again, which is beneficial for her mental health and stability — for me to be supervised by my parents whenever I’m around her. She needs to realize that that is not necessary and that I only ever do what is best for her.

Let’s say you are running a marathon. And during that journey, you trip a few times. One cannot say that because you tripped you weren’t actually running. But that is exactly what the mother did against me. She wants to focus on and emphasize the trips as though that represents who I am and what I am doing. But I was and am still running the marathon. And I’m becoming quite successful with it.

Arjuna D. Ghose lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (most of the time). When he's not working on writing for this blog or his multi-volume memoir, The Struggle Within, he's usually working on web development and internet marketing projects or trying to help his daughter to ensure she grows up believing in herself, with happiness, and making good choices. He became a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in 1994 and continues to follow the teachings of Sri Chinmoy with the intention of making continuous progress toward the goal of fully actualizing and manifesting his spiritual nature.

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